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The Thorn Queen: Maleficent by Dae-Thalin

in my opinion, you did a wonderful job! the fact that you used colour pencils to colour this so beautifully, is amazing! sorry if I don...


One/Two head-shot(s)

These sketches are large ones, the ones that take up the whole paper! (Ooooooh! Now I'm just being silly xD) But yeah, the detail will vary.

Simple detail- $5 (500 points)
Satsujin (Rick) doodle by Ikidami-DragonBarghest doodle by Ikidami-Dragon

Medium detail- $7 (700 points)
Blitz drawing for Pixel by Ikidami-DragonChaos.Exe doodle by Ikidami-Dragon

Advanced detail- $9 (900 points)

Traditional Sketches

(please specify if it's head to waist or a full body. I might change the price depending on which)

These commissions are one character each, their detail level is varied.

Simple detail (one character, simple design)-$8 (800 points)
Medium detail (intermediate design) -$10 (1,000 points)
Jade Harley doodle by Ikidami-Dragon
Advanced detail (complicated design/multiple aspects to the design)-$13 (1,300 points)


+ $5 more for full colour (500 points)
+ $2 more for full shading (200 points)
+$1.50 simple background (150 points)
+$5 full detailed background (500 points) [These are hard for me to do, but it's worth it xD]

Extra characters in picture- +$3 - $10 (depends on character details)

Shipping- this is the pricing to ship the actual artwork to you. The price shall vary depending on where you live.

Holiday Prices!

Alright, around the holidays i shall drop the prices. Yay! Anywho, the holidays i will drop the prices will be (This one don't count as a holiday but I wanna be nice. If the commission is paced on the specific day, then I'll drop the price.) January 13th, Valentines Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year's. If i forgot a holiday, just tell me please. ^^;

Paying method: I would prefer Paypal, but if you can only pay with points, that's okay


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
hi. I'm Iki but you can call me Ikidami

I'm a Steven Universe(I think we're called Stevens lmao) fan and a Homestuck.
Go watch my twin, Lord Black Kyurem :iconduel-king-altas:

second account: :iconskyeguardiankat:SkyeGuardianKat
third: :iconikidami:Ikidami

Well for starters, I have a weird sense of humour and am easily amused. I am a gamer.
Wishful Thinking by whispwill Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317Look funny by Claire-stampsStamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngieDragon Lover stamp by KatrinaBonebrakeSonic Unleashed Stamp by DbzbabeYou thought wrong by DbzbabeIll Fight, no I will by Dbzbabe
Peoples look at dis awesomeness! Drawn by mah amazing best friend :iconkairuko:
Look at the awesomeness made by :iconratchetthecutest:
For a friend by ratchetthecutest
The wolf is my Spirit Wolf, Enigma. The two round dinosaur looking creatures are well, the big one is Rueberus Astro and the smaller one is... I forgot it name.

I really love Peridot and she'sa big favourite of mine. now my awesome best friend, :iconsentaji: (SHE CLAIMS SHE CANT DRAW FOR SHIT BUT I CALL BULLSHIT cos she's that awesome) drew this as a trade:
[AT] Peridot by Sentaji
then this adorable trade:
[AT] Anigaro by Sentaji
Patron Troll: Nepeta
Favourite Trolls: Karkat Vantas (by FAR OMFG), Vriska Serket, Terezi Pyrope, and Sollux Captor.
Favourite Beta Kids: Jade Harley (shes a furry. I love her so much) and John Egbert (such a derp x3)
People's I know in real life- :iconratchetthecutest::iconkingdomheartsloves: and :iconchrisbellah:
The peoples I talk to the most- :iconpixel-the-freak::iconthediamondlucario::iconninshroom::iconsentaji::iconlykosanubis::icontitaniumtaco: and :iconxdarkspace:

My closest friends : :icontitaniumtaco: :iconthediamondlucario: :iconninshroom: :iconsentaji: :iconratchetthecutest: :iconxdarkspace: and :iconpixel-the-freak:

My best friends : :iconpixel-the-freak: :iconxdarkspace: :icontitaniumtaco: :iconninshroom: :icondarkjaguarmaster: :iconthediamondlucario: :iconratchetthecutest: and :iconsentaji:

Mah cool friends : :iconvailsor::iconcheetodoritoo::iconembae::iconloyalty1998::iconguardianangelforever::iconchrisbellah::iconshadow781::iconlykosanubis::iconkogalover4ever: :iconxdarkspace: and :iconcryocrystal23:

Here my friend's personality test.…
(Please go to the link in the description first) by pixel-the-freak

mah dA family:
(you can ask to change your name/place/ etc and if you are a watcher, and you want to be in my dA family, just ask. ^^)

my irl living teddy bear whom i hug alot: :iconkingdomheartsloves:
my closest freinds who i would most likely do anything for: :iconTitaniuimTaco: :iconsentaji: :iconxdarkspace: :iconratchetthecutest: (dah piggeh XD) and :iconpixel-the-freak:
my badass cool friend i met irl: :iconchrisbellah:
GORE BUDDIES!!!!! :iconvailsor: and :iconratchetthecutest:
then my great friend :iconthediamondlucario: (writes great stories adn aslo my co-Writer for an online comic im doing)
amazing artist and great friend :iconninshroom:


Centipeetle by Ikidami-Dragon
for those of you who haven't seen the newest episode "Monster Reunion" this will be some spoilage for you.

i would've posted this earlier but sai was giving issues.
hope you all like this! ima do a better one soon, and i love drawing her and she's so cute!
this si the offical design. i saw the episode really early heehee cos i coudln't wait.

also, im not really that good with bods okay? i tried xD
and i also attempted to use photoshop

Centipeetle belongs to the Crewniverse and Rebecca Sugar.
Art belongs to me :3
Opal and Steven by Ikidami-Dragon
Opal and Steven
bahahaha this took 6+ hours to make

i tried, i really did. i have no idea what im doing when it comes to shading and backgrounds xD
i tried my best with everything :D and i hope everyone likes my picture

i only have time to submit my art, and occasionally, answer comments.

Steven: Woah, GIANT WOMAN!
Opal: Yes Steven. I am a giant woman.

Opal and Steven belong to Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse.
Art belongs to me, Ikidami. :3

hope you all enjoy and have a great day! :3
Ikidami out, Peace
Peridot! by Ikidami-Dragon
Bahaha i tried mimicking one of the scenece from th show xD I find Peridot a little difficult to draw cos she's so tiny xD
I didn't like her at first, but she kinda grew on me xD Her redemption arc was really good. The way she calls hands, feet, nose and eyes, yet the butt is still the butt xD

im not gonna put the laughing cos she was laughing the entire time xD

Amethyst: Hey Peridot. What is this? *points to nose*
Peridot: Sense sponge.
Amyethyst: Okay, These? *holds up hands*
Peridot: Touch stumps.
Amethyst: These? *points to eye*
Peridot: Vision Spheres!
Amethyst: This? *points to her foot*
Peridot: Gravity connecters!
Amethyst: *turns around and points to her butt* And this?

this made me laugh my ass off xD
Alexandrite by Ikidami-Dragon
i've been mimicking some of the scenes from the show cos they're cool. but i kinda add my own flare to things. And this was one of my favourite episodes. i hope they make more. also, i tried shading this cos i can, also, i dont even know what im doing. so, this was an expirement. and this is all for now. so bye :3

drawing by me
Alexandrite and Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar
Sugilite by Ikidami-Dragon
so this is a sketch i did. it was going to be a challenge between a firned and i but it didint turn out well and the challenge ended up making both of us depressed. cos of issues, but i hope you guys like my sketch. i doubt ima finish it tho. i finished the sketch yeah, but i might lineart it i dunno. But yeah, I love Sugilite for some reason, and i prefer to draw her without her anime shades. and yes, i binge watched Steven Universe in three days. it's that great.

Sketch belongs to me
Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar

(best show i've ever seen in my life i mean the writing that goes into this show.)
and this is a slight spoiler if you haven't seen the first episode with Sugilite

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